Welcome to Gentle Goodnight

Feeling like you have no control of your baby or toddler’s wake or sleep schedule?

Gentle Goodnight will get it back for you in a beneficial way for you and your baby. Gentle Goodnight will guide you through a step-by-step sleep method that will have your baby or toddler to sleep in less than 25 min. You will have control over nap and bedtime at home or on the go; keeping you on the schedule you choose throughout the day; giving you the time you need for yourself day or night. Dancing your baby or toddler gently to sleep has many important benefits including getting the baby weight off quickly. Throughout Gentle Goodnight you will find tools that will help you bond and gain the trust of your baby. Conscious parenting starts here to nurture a child who knows they are safe and loved. Because the way we raise our children shapes their future, start them off with a Gentle Goodnight!



Watch one of the versions of the Dancing Sleep Method For Young Babies

Check out this demonstration of the Dancing Sleep Method for Older Babies which can be used by mom, dad, caregiver, etc.